Smart sleep aid.
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Smart sleep aid

Insomnia is a huge issue in modern society, with 11% of adolescents having been diagnosed with the illness. The aim of this particular project was to design a product that aided those suffering from elements of insomnia in an unobtrusive way to make everyday life slightly easier.

Upon researching insomnia I noticed a trend in that most of the products that claimed to alleviate the symptoms of insomnia were actually designed in a way that made the illness worse. There was a clear gap in the market for a non-medical solution to the issue of insomnia that relates to the modern landscape where mobile phones and laptops are overused before bed. 

Phase is the solution to this problem. It is an intuitive system encased within an aesthetically appealing and friendly form, a bedside lamp. The idea of this product is to create an environment where the mobile phone is not to be used when one is attempting to sleep. When the phone is placed on the base, during the scheduled sleep time, notifications are barred and the perfect sleep environment is created through the manipulation of light and thermal temperature. The key here is that if the phone is then removed from the base during the sleep phase, the lights immediately come on and the heating is raised. This is to prevent the usage of the phone while attempting to sleep, which is a habit that only worsens the condition.